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We pride ourselves in having a tight-knit team that is made up of organizers with a wide variety of experience.  Some came from The Container Store, while some organizers were former teachers.  Because we have a wide variety of life experience, we are able to guide our projects to cater to each of our clients' needs, style and budget. 

While we remain professional, we always have fun!  We'd like to think that our clients enjoy the process, as well as the end result even more than we do.  



Owner, Founder
Interior Designer, Professional Organizer

Courtney is a licensed Interior Designer in the State of Texas.  She graduated from The University of Texas with a degree in Interior Design.  Additionally, she has worked and trained in the Professional Organization industry for over fourteen years as a Professional Organizer and Designer.  With this combined experience, Courtney is able to give her clients a true turnkey project that is strategically organized, as well as aesthetically soothing.    

Courtney has a classic, fresh signature style with a flair for color, pattern and texture.  She has a forte with hard surface design, finish selection and layout.  She specializes in new home construction, remodeling, closet design, as well as professional organization.

Her passion is to transform spaces to reflect the lifestyles of its inhabitants, all with a sense of balance, order and tranquility.

Courtney values her family time, whether watching her teenage daughters play sports and hang out with friends, discovering hidden gems of restaurants with her foodie husband, or snuggling with her doodle dog.  Since she lacks a green thumb, her favorite past time is getting lost in a good book.  



Designer, Organizer

Cassie's motivation is to always give her clients a space that looks beautiful and functions effortlessly. She spent over 15 years in the restaurant industry where she developed inventory and organization systems for well known food companies. She left the restaurant industry to follow her passion of design and organization.  Pitcher Design Group recruited Cassie after watching her create beautiful and efficient custom closets for her customers.     

Cassie most appreciates a space that looks amazing and gives every item a home. She believes that organization is a perfect partnership between beauty and functionality. She loves to organize any area in a home. With a family of her own, she understands how important it is to have systems in place, so that every day runs a little easier. 

When Cassie isn't spending time with her two daughters and her husband, you can find her at church.  



Designer, Organizer

Michelle has a passion for spaces that are designed to maximum efficiency. She knows that a well-organized space can reduce the stress in your life and will enthusiastically work to create the best solution with the space you have available.

She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Northwest Missouri State University. Michelle has been designing custom spaces for over 24 years. She has worked as a custom closets/space designer, sales trainer and manager.  She brings the benefit of this experience to every project.  

Michelle has an appreciation for crisp, clean lines and an absence of clutter. She delivers finished projects where everything has a purpose and place.  She has experience doing projects of every scope, from a single space to whole home space planning.

Michelle’s favorite past times are cruising the oceans with her son Nicholas, as well as quilting.  She enjoys the fine details of creating designs through mixing fabric, patterns, stitching and, of course, keeping her craft room organized!



Designer, Organizer

Kristen is a graduate of Texas A&M University (Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of ’99! Whoop!) with a degree in Mathematics & Education.

By nature, organizers are a jack-of-all-trades. Kristen wore many hats prior to finding

her passion of home organization: high school mathematics teacher, closet designer,

sales trainer and retail manager. Different positions for sure, but one theme emerged –

coaching and developing others. Kristen’s purpose is to inspire and support others.

She likens her role as getting to be Mary Poppins with every project – bringing peace

and joy into her clients’ homes.

Kristen married her high school sweetheart, Justin. They share a love for music

and will travel the globe to see U2 in concert! They have active two boys (ages 8 & 10,) so she understands LEGO and Nerf storage. Kristen loves school supply shopping and

thinks there is nothing better than a latte and a cozy bookstore. Kristen wishes she had

a proper singing voice, but she will belt out every word of Hamilton anyway.


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